A Note from the writer



I've always been fascinated by identity and how certain events can cause someone to alter their character. Why do those events in particular stick out to us and cause us to change? 

THE PARADOX in essence revolves around the power of relationships and shows how they can shape who we are; for better or worse. It dives into a tricky grey area in how we perceive our pasts and how we let that affect us in the present and future.

Do we allow preconceived notions to haze our judgement and fall into the paradox of trying to re-write history? Do we just cut out those negative parts of our past? Or do we decide to move forward under new terms?

Undergoing this process, we were aware of just how many coming of age films there are in the narrative landscape, and I wanted to bring it to a new light. By making the characters a bit older it allowed us to play with the dichotomy of the older mentality fighting with the inner child, which added a very interesting dynamic. Unlike so many coming-of-age films, the protagonist is very active and almost constantly in motion and I wanted there to be a reasoning behind that. To show that changing your current situation is possible with determination. To uplift people to follow their passion. To convince people to never take anything for granted and to treat each day like it counts. A large message for a short film, one that hopefully you can help us bring to fruition.

Thank you for you time and interest.

-Dylan Reed